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Amp can play an essential role in SEO, and when you are doing the SEO, you should include the Amp in the to-do list. You will find that Amp means Accelerated mobile pages. Many technology companies and Google launched this framework jointly. One should know that it is an open-source framework. Many publishing companies also took part in the creation of it. 

Objective of Amp

Now you must be thinking about the objective of using the Amp in the SEO and its importance. You should know that nowadays, the significant traffic on the website comes from mobile. A website should be mobile-friendly to increase the users’ experience. A good user experience can improve the overall rating of the website in several folds. 

Improve ratings and ranking

In this context, you can use the Accelerated mobile pages, and it plays a significant role in the overall ratings of the website because you can create mobile-friendly websites with the help of it. You will find that websites that are made with the help of AMP can be downloaded very fast. The best part is that using the Accelerated mobile pages is very simple. It was launched in 2015, and some of the best software developer companies were involved in establishing it. In the list of its developing companies, you can find Google, WordPress, adobe as well. 

Use of Amp at social media websites 

You will find that some of the top-notch websites are created with its help and are gaining good responses from the users. You will find that many reputable social media websites are using Accelerated mobile pages as their developing partners. In the present context, the role of AMP has increased in several folds, and thus at the time of SEO of the website, Accelerated mobile pages can play a crucial role and make the website friendly for the mobile users with the help of it. 

Reduce the bounce rate

You will find that after using the Accelerated mobile pages, the bounce rate will be at a minimum. It will decrease the website’s loading time and provide a quick response for the users. The majority of the users prefer to explore the websites on their mobile. With the minimum loading time, the website’s user experience will increase in several folds, and this will be helping the users. It will attract more users to the website, and it can improve its number of visitors and overall rank on the SERP (search engine result pages). 

Best plugin for Amp

With the help of the best plugin for Accelerated mobile pages, you can get the performance. However, you will find that some of them are highly preferable for WordPress websites. 

The web Destiny can help you to install the best plugin for Accelerated mobile pages on your website. Besides that, you can also use professional services to make your website mobile-friendly, reduce its loading time, and bounce rates. Never forget that every type of plugin has its particular virtues, and you must choose it as per your requirements. 

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