Top 6 Best SEO Tools For Beginners

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SEO Tools for beginners

Being a website owner and manager is not at all easy. It takes full willpower and determination to handle a website. You regularly need to update your site and post content from time to time. Along with that, you also need to check that the content you are uploading on your site is totally plagiarism-free and 100% unique. All you need to find out the best SEO tools for beginners.

To ensure whether your content is SEO optimized or not, you need to buy some tools which help you in ensuring that your content is SEO optimized. And if you are a beginner, you must know the tools which can help you and the vocabulary and every aspect of SEO. There are many aspects of SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is the process by which you can increase the ratings of your website on Google by optimizing your website.

The optimization of your website will help you get more organic traffic on your website. In search engine marketing, SEO optimization of your website focuses on driving organic traffic. It is an ever-growing business. Here are some of the top SEO tools for beginners you can refer to.

Best SEO Tools for Beginners

Google Analytics

Complete search insights web stats. You can also get some suggested keywords from this tool, which can increase the rankings of your website and can help you grow. The keywords suggested will be such, which can land more people and traffic on your website.

Ahref’s Backlinks Checker

The free version of Ahref’s backlink checker shows you up to 100 top URLs and Backlinks for your websites from unique sites. It also shows URL ratings and domain ratings. You can paste in a competitor’s website to get instant Backlinks.

Google Keyword Planner

In Google keyword planner, you can type a keyword or a group of keywords, and Google will instantly suggest you more Backlinks of the same level and will guide you towards your keyword strategy and will also let you know how much your keyword strategy is going to work. It also suggests you the keywords that you must add to your content.

Google Trends

Google trends, as its name suggests it suggests the popular terms and keywords searched mostly over time, which will be helping you to put your website among other popular and most searched content websites. You can also check multiple keywords on Google trends to know the comparability of them.

Ahref’s SEO toolbar

Ahref’s SEO toolbar shows instant results for SEO metrics for Google searches and web pages. You can check how much traffic a web page is getting each month, how many backlinks it has, which keywords are popular, which the website ranks for, and much more. It also shows the search volume and the difficulty of each and every keyword searched on Google.

SERP Simulator

SERP simulator shows a preview of how your web page is going to appear in the search results of Google.

These are Local SEO tools for beginners that can help beginners to optimize their websites. If you are searching for the best SEO Company, then you should check The Web Destiny.

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